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The University of Fairwings is a private, non-traditional, non-resident and off-campus University in some of his programs, which offers certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate-level degrees, research programs in Law, Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Operational Management, Business, Criminology, Psychology, Education, Engineering  and in various degree programs and short courses. UFW specializes in designing custom programs and degree for students who are interested in specialty areas for which there may not yet be a curriculum.In keeping with our high standards and philosophy of service, UFW’s distance learning programs are structured in such a way as to provide the highest degree of flexibility for our students. This flexibility by necessity includes many important aspects, not the least of which is affordability.

At the University of Fairwings we understand that for most students the purpose of higher education is to prepare them for positions of higher responsibility in the workplace. The University of Fairwings, therefore, is proud to recognize the prior accomplishments of our students in order that they benefit from their experiences and continue to contribute to their communities and to society. The University’s admission requirements are similar to those of other traditional universities, except that prior work experience is considered on a par with formal classroom education. While the University will accept transfer credits from other institutions, In the new millennium, flexibility and relevance to the workplace are the criteria by which students are selecting their certification paths.

The education you receive will be demanding yet individualized to suit your own specific career goals and interests. The specialized nature of a University of Fairwings education means that graduating students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the realities of the current economical and technical global environment. The University of Fairwing’s graduate programs seek candidates who demonstrate managerial and leadership potential, maturity, ambition, and a clear sense of purpose, to contribute to the body of knowledge’ within an approved area of studies. Preparing management professionals for leadership roles, the University of Fairwing’s graduate degree programs are well suited to anyone who has reached a point in their career where tangible recognition of their achievements and expertise is due.

As Vice- Councilor of the University of Fairwings, I welcome all prospective students.

Dr. Petrus Johannes Van Staden Phd
Vice- Councilor University of Fairwings

3 Christiaan Street Birchleigh North Kempton Park South Africa 1618
P. O. Box 13559 Norkem Park South Africa 1631
TEL: +27824902628        Fax: +270866049352

According to Philip Forte

"Accreditation is sometimes mistaken for governmental certification, but it is not an official designation. Accreditation is essentially recognized by the Federal Government as a mechanism for the authorization to distribute government educational funds…Degrees granted or issued in conformance with cited statutes…are all equally legal under the law. Judgments of value and applicability of a certain degree are not made by the law or by the State. The appropriateness of a degree or the applicability of a degree to a job or the transfer of education credit is decided by those who must render such evaluations for those specific purposes."


The University of Fairwings is fully registered in South Africa as a Close Corporation date 18 October 2006 with reference number CK1 - 2006/186276/23 as a private, non-profit, independent, research and distance learning institution and university. The University is a registered with the European Association for International Education (no 152866). EAIE stimulate and facilitate the internationalisation of higher education, meet the professional needs of individuals active in the field and bring together fellow professionals worldwide in all aspects of international education.

The University are currently in the process to be accredited by the Institutional Accreditation & Recognition for online Education (IARER). 

The University is
a member of the Society for Research into Higher Education, a UK-based international learned society which seeks to advance understanding of higher education, especially through the insights, perspectives and knowledge offered by systematic research and scholarship. The Society aims to be the leading international society in the field, as to both the support and the dissemination of research. It further seeks to develop opportunities through which students, teachers and scholars in the field can engage with policy makers, practitioners within higher education and other potential interested parties so that policy and practices may be shaped by the needs of the time and by the outcomes of research endeavours.

Design, Technology and Management Society International (DTMS International - Membership and Certification)

Where applicable, graduates are also eligible for admission to guilds or sub-divisions within either the Technological or Managerial Chapter. Applicants for Bachelor's Degree, Master's or Doctorate Degree are also invited to consider admission to one of the following divisions:
Technological-Scientific-Engineering Graduates

International Institute of Engineers
International Institute of Scientists
Lecturers, professors and senior academic staff members are invited to consider admission to the International Guild of Academicians.

Graduates with a managerial background with at least a Master's or Doctorate are invited to consider admission to the MBA and Professional Managers Guild.

All graduates are invited to apply for certification most appropriate to their disciplines provided they have the required experience and education for the field of registration related to their professions


University of Fairwings is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator, employer and committed to:

a non-racial, non-sexist democracy, within the student body, employee organizations and governance structures.
Equality, as more fully set out in the interim policy on:
Equality, employment equity and diversity;
Sexual harassment and;
Racial harassment.

CK1 - 2006/186276/23
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